Undergraduate Programme

The Department operates a five-year degree programme. The course units are organized on the course credit system per semester. The curriculum is design in such a way as to give a sound basis in Mathematics, Engineering Science and design. The first two years of the programme are considered foundation years while the last three years are professional years during which the creative designs, construction techniques and research peculiar to the course are emphasized particularly at the final year. From the year 1988 to date, the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) programme was reviewed a number of times in order to make the graduands face current local and global challenges of construction industry and research. In the year 1988, the semester system was introduced by the University in order to improve the quality of teaching and research in the programme. Recently the programme was reviewed with the introduction of some new courses. These are:

  • Civil Engineering Contract Management.
  • Transportation Planning.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Business Creation and Growth.
Similarly, the contents of all Design Courses were extended to include new Design Codes of Practice such as the Eurocodes, to allow our graduands compete favourably in the global market. Similarly, our structural analysis courses have been extended to include the use of modern computer software.

Value The value of the Department of Civil Engineering are:
  • Quality Academic and Skills acquisition programmes and facilities
  • Cosmopolitan staff and student composition
  • Atmosphere of Academic Freedom
  • Strong community service
  • Reputation for institutional discipline and harmony
  • Qualitative learning and skill acquisition that are industry and development driven
  • Dynamic and Interactive leadership and management
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to learning, skills and acquisition and research
  • Linkages with reputable and Internationally recognized Institutions
  • Storng relationship with the Alumni