Department of Civil Engineering

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Learning Objectives

Duration - 5 years

The objectives of the Department in line with the objectives of the University as articulated in Article 4 of its 1962 and 1975 Laws are:

  1. To provide regular and updated programs and courses in the field of Civil Engineering of a standard required and expected of a Department and the University of the highest standing.
  2. To educate and equip students with the technical knowledge, skills and competencies to analyze, design, develop, test and produce Civil Engineering products and services for the benfit of humanity.
  3. To promote research and the advancement in the field of Civil Engineering (d) To secure the diffusion of Civil Engineering knowledge throughout Nigeria and the world at large.

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Admission Requirement

In order to be eligible for admission into the undergraduate (B.Eng. degree) Programme, a candidate, in addition to satisfying the University general entry requirements, must obtain at least credit passes in each of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as well as any other science subjects at the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations or its equivalent. The current minimum requirements for admission into 100 level (UTME entry) and 200 level (Direct entry) in the Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering are as follows:

Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Entry:

Applicants seeking JME entry must:

  1. Have attained the age of sixteen years on the first day of October in the year of their candidature.
  2. Possess the Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level (GCE “O” Level) with passes at credit level in at least five subjects obtained at not more than two sittings and at least a credit in English Language. The five subjects should include Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. UTME subjects are: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Direct Entry:
Applicants seeking direct entry should have:
  1. Five SSCE or GCE O' level credit passes including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and any other science subject.
  2. GCE ‘A' level or IJMB passes or equivalent “A” level passes in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
  3. Candidates with Higher National Diploma (HND) may also be admitted into the 200 level with lower credit or 300 level with distinction or upper credit in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. Ordinary National Diploma (OND) candidates possessing overall upper credit pass with three distinctions passes in core courses of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering including Mathematics may be admitted into 200 level. In special cases, candidates with high grades in 'O' levels plus relevant advanced professional qualification may be accepted. Such cases will be considered individually by the Faculty Board of Engineering and Senate.
Graduation Requirement
Grading System and Requirements for Graduation
Continuous Assignment
There shall be at lest two continuous assessment tests per course per semester whose aggregate scores shall form between 40% and 60% of the total marks allowed for the course.
Minimum Pass Mark

There shall be a minimum pass mark of 45% in all courses. Grade points (GP)
% Grades GP
70–100 A 5
60–69 B 4
50–59 C 3
45–49 D 2
0–44 F 0
Grade Point Average (GPA) & Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
Students are advised to contact their tutor or examination officer on how GPA and CGPA are calculated.

Degree classification

Degree CGPA
First class 4.50–5.00
Second Class (Upper Division) 3.50–4.49
Second Class (Lower Division) 2.40–3.49
Third Class 1.50–2.39
Fail 0.00–1.49
100 Level Courses
First Semester

Students must offer a minimum total of 37 credit units at 100 Level comprising the following: 19 credit units of core and cognate courses in the First Semester and 18 credit units of core and cognate courses in the Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CHEM 101Introduction to general chemistry2
CHEM 121Introduction to inorganic chemistry2
CHEM 161Introduction to practical chemistry I1
COSC 101Programming in Basics2
ENGG 101Introduction to Engineering1
GENS 101Nationalism1
GENS 103English for communication skills2
GENS 107History of Scientific Ideas1
MATH 101Set Theory and Number System2
MATH 103Trigonometry and Number system2
MATH 105Differential and integral calculus2
PHYS 111Mechanics2
PHYS 131Heat and Properties of matter2
PHYS 161General Physics practical I
100 Level
Second Semester Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CHEM 122Introduction to physical chemistry II2
CHEM 132Introduction to inorganic chemistry2
CHEM 162Introduction to practical chemistry II2
EEEN102Introduction to Engineering Profession2
GENS 102Environmental Health2
MATH 102Algebra2
MATH 104Conic sections and Application of calculus2
MATH 106Vectors and Dynamics2
PHYS 122Electricity, Modular and Magnetic Physics2
PHYS 124Geometric and Wave Optics2
PHYS 162General Physics practical II1
STAT 102Introduction to statistics2
100 Level
Elective Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
GENS 104History of Scientific Ideas1
200 Level
First Semester

Pre-Requisite: TCUE 24

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN 201Introduction to structural Analysis2
CVEN211Introduction to Transportation Engineering2
EEEN 201Electrical Circuit & Field Theory2
EEEN 203Electrical Machines, Power and Installation2
MATH 241Calculus I2
MATH 243Methods of Linear Algebra2
MEEN 201Engineering Graphics2
MMEN201 Fundamental of Material Science 2
WREN 201Fluid Mechanics2
200 Level
Second Semester Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CHEM 202Introduction to Engineering Management1
EEEN202Electronics, Measurements and Transducers2
GENS 202Entrepreneurship and Innovation2
MATH 242Calculus II3
MATH 244Methods of Linear Algebra II2
MEEN 202Engineering Drawing2
MEEN 204Strength of Materials I2
MEEN 206Fundamentals of Dynamics2
MEEN 208Thermodynamics2
200 Level
First Electives Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
GENS201Moral Philosophy1
URPL205Urban Land Use Component2
ARCH101Graphic Communications2
300 Level

First Semester Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN301Theory of Structures I2
CVEN 303Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals
CVEN305Mechanics of Materials2
CVEN321Soil Mechanics2
CVEN331Civil Engineering Materials 12
GENS301Business Creation and Growth2
LNSV331Surveying for Professionals1
MATH341Differential Equations and Transforms2
QTYS 309Development Economics3
STAT 343Statistics2
WREN301Fluid Mechanics II2
300 Level
First Semester Electives
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
MEEN309Applied Thermodynamics1
300 Level
Second Semester Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
COSC344Basic Computer Knowledge and Fortran3
CVEN 302Theory of Structures II2
CVEN 304Design of Structural Elements
CVEN 306Design of Concrete Structures2
CVEN 312Elements of Highway Design2
CVEN322Engineering Geology2
LNSV 332 Surveying for Professionals2
CVEN332Civil Engineering Materials II2
MATH342Functions of Several Variables2
WREN 302Fluid Mechanics III2
300 Level
Elective Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
URPL204Site Planning2
URPL206Urban Economic2
ARCH204Architectural Graphics2
400 Level

First Semester Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN401Theory of Structures III2
CVEN 403Reinforced Concrete Serviceability Limit State2
CVEN 405Design of Steel Structures2
CVEN411Transportation Engineering2
CVEN413 Highway Engineering2
CVEN421Geotechnical Design of Foundation2
CVEN441Engineering Computer Methods2
MATH443Numerical Analysis2
STAT443Design of Experiments and Quality Control2
QTYS421Law for Engineers1
WREN 401Hydraulics and Hydrology3
400 Level
Second Semester Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
SIWES 499Industrial Attachment (SIWES)6
500 Level

First Semester Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN501Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures2
CVEN503Plastic Design of Steel Structures2
CVEN511Traffic Engineering2
CVEN521Design of Soil Structures2
CVEN597Final Year Project I2
QTYS407Measurement of Civil Engineering Works I2
WREN503Engineering Hydrology2
500 Level

First Semester Electives

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN505Advanced Theory of Structures2
CVEN507Advanced Reinforced Concrete2
CVEN513Airport Engineering2
CVEN523Advanced Foundation Engineering2
500 Level
Second Semester Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN502Theory of Structures IV2
CVEN504 Prestressed Concrete Structures2
CVEN506Timber Structures2
CVEN512Transportation Planning2
CVEN598Final Year Project II3
QTYS508 Measurement of Civil Engineering Works III2
WREN514Environmental Engineering2
500 Level
Second Semester Electives
Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CVEN508Precast Concrete Structures2
CVEN514Railway Engineering2
CVEN516Bridge Engineering3
CVEN522Rock Mechanics3
CVEN532Construction Materials3